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Layers all round.. 2nd May 2010

After feeding these lots for 23 weeks.. I am finally being rewarded…six out of eight are laying now.. but so far I collected 5 eggs per day max..

I am lucky in a way that they just come into lay now.. I was lead to belief, if they start to lay going into winter, they will lay through winter… I think I am pretty safe and don’t have to worry buying anymore eggs this winter.

The Wyandotte, being purebred, are more of ‘eye candy’ rather than layers.. it took them awhile to get into swing of laying eggs.. lots of break in between eggs.. some time up to 7 days between eggs..

The Light Sussex, I am still unsure of when she did really lay her 1st egg.. it could be just over a week ago when I notice a different colour egg in the nest which is very different to the Wyandotte’s bantam eggs..


it is dark pink, obvious differences but same weight as the bantam’s egg at only 39 gram.. I post the picture out to the expert, and was told it was the Sussex that lay this egg.

I was told.. despite of the Sussex’s huge size, their first egg is actually quiet small.. it should get bigger gradually as they go and will give better size eggs after 2 season of laying..

But, as no one bare witness to that particular laying incident, I cannot be sure of the parentage of that egg…

The very next day, I found a 49g egg under where the girls sleep.. the color is very close to the first pink egg but I just can’t be sure it is from the same

These eggs have also become my new currency, no one will say no to freshly laid egg 🙂

I gave some eggs to my brother while visiting his place for the first time…

Gave 10 to my sister for babysitting my boys for the day…

Gave 6 to mum yesterday…

When I gave the eggs away, I always empty out what I got, but I know I will get topped up the next day..

Now, just let me introduce the layers..
Foghorn – Bond Brown.. her first egg, yesterday (23 weeks).. photo taken right after

Cookie – Light Sussex … confirm laying this morning (27 weeks), but may have start last week.

ClownFace – Bond Black… confirm laying 2 days ago (23 weeks)

AllBlack – Bond Black… been laying whole week straight.. no break.. (22 weeks)

The Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam
Dottie, started to lay at 33 weeks, now 39 weeks

Wonda, also laying at 33 weeks, not 37 weeks..


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