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Layers all round.. 2nd May 2010

After feeding these lots for 23 weeks.. I am finally being rewarded…six out of eight are laying now.. but so far I collected 5 eggs per day max..

I am lucky in a way that they just come into lay now.. I was lead to belief, if they start to lay going into winter, they will lay through winter… I think I am pretty safe and don’t have to worry buying anymore eggs this winter.

The Wyandotte, being purebred, are more of ‘eye candy’ rather than layers.. it took them awhile to get into swing of laying eggs.. lots of break in between eggs.. some time up to 7 days between eggs..

The Light Sussex, I am still unsure of when she did really lay her 1st egg.. it could be just over a week ago when I notice a different colour egg in the nest which is very different to the Wyandotte’s bantam eggs..


it is dark pink, obvious differences but same weight as the bantam’s egg at only 39 gram.. I post the picture out to the expert, and was told it was the Sussex that lay this egg.

I was told.. despite of the Sussex’s huge size, their first egg is actually quiet small.. it should get bigger gradually as they go and will give better size eggs after 2 season of laying..

But, as no one bare witness to that particular laying incident, I cannot be sure of the parentage of that egg…

The very next day, I found a 49g egg under where the girls sleep.. the color is very close to the first pink egg but I just can’t be sure it is from the same

These eggs have also become my new currency, no one will say no to freshly laid egg 🙂

I gave some eggs to my brother while visiting his place for the first time…

Gave 10 to my sister for babysitting my boys for the day…

Gave 6 to mum yesterday…

When I gave the eggs away, I always empty out what I got, but I know I will get topped up the next day..

Now, just let me introduce the layers..
Foghorn – Bond Brown.. her first egg, yesterday (23 weeks).. photo taken right after

Cookie – Light Sussex … confirm laying this morning (27 weeks), but may have start last week.

ClownFace – Bond Black… confirm laying 2 days ago (23 weeks)

AllBlack – Bond Black… been laying whole week straight.. no break.. (22 weeks)

The Silver Laced Wyandotte Bantam
Dottie, started to lay at 33 weeks, now 39 weeks

Wonda, also laying at 33 weeks, not 37 weeks..


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9 Weeks and 13 Weeks Update

It has been a week since the girls move into their new home.. I think they absolutely loved it..

Lets get some of they progress photos in here..

These is my Bond Brown Ranga and Forhorn, the photos are takes between last week and yesterday.. there are 9 weeks today so a good age indication for 8 weeks chicks..

Oh.. how do I tell them apart.. check out the green band (cable tie) on Foghorn’s left ankle.. Ranga do not have any..

Ranga: Are you looking at me... are you LOOKING at me

Beautiful Foghorn.. free ranging.. she is also the smallest out of the 6..

Bond Brown: Foghorn and Ranga

Bond Brown.. Foghorn and Ranga... chillin in the sun..

Ranga free ranging

Foghorn free ranging

I know previously I have said.. my ‘Bond Brown’ is a commercial cross of Rhode Island Red and Leghorn, I revisit the petshop yesterday to get some flea dust for the girls and re-read the breed info for the girls..

I stand corrected.. Bond Brown is actually a commercial cross of Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White.. there is no Leghorn in them, sorry Foghorn.. you are still stuck with that name..

The are breed to maximize egg production in the back yard situation.. could lay up to 300 eggs per year (hmmmm eggs… might as well we really like eggs, and I think the family will get some eggs as well). But they only produce for the first 2 years and slow down afterward.. may stop altogether pretty soon after that..

The Bond Black are the cross between Australorp and Rhode Island Red.. They have this amazing green sheen on their plumage which is just beautiful.. I can just sit there all day and watch their color change according to the light.   Due to the cross, when they get older they will probably have rust color feather on their chest so AllBlack will no longer be all black in color.

Some photo of the Bond Black. AllBlack have green cable tie on her left ankle..

AllBlack very elegant, the biggest out of the 'bond' girls.. almost as big as PinkLady

ClownFace.. being a clown..

ClownFace chillin away in summer heat

The Sussex are my only purebred.. They meant to be very good meat bird so they are huge and supposedly eat a lot. I don’t notice that much of a different, it may due to  them able to free-range..  They should lay about 180 to 210 of eggs per hen per year..  not as much, but apparently they should lay longer into their life.. some hen are know to lay up to 6 years of age (maybe only 50 – 80 per year)

Photo of my Sussex PinkLady and Cookie (Cookie with the green cable tie)… the photos were taken sometime between last week and today.. maybe a good age indicator for 12 weeks old Sussex.. can’t be sure on that as I was never sure of their age to start off with. Got them at boxing day and suppose to be between 8 to 10 weeks old.. and that was about 5 weeks ago..

Dust Bathing... some would said.. why is the chicken try to bury herself lol..

PinkLady enjoy the young fruit from the orange tree..

Cookie is the biggest of the lot.. I was almost convince that she is a boy.. but at this age, if she is a cockerel, her comb and wattle will be much bigger... so pullet for now...

Some group photos of the girls..

The girls settling in for the night in their new home (first night)

Group photo of all my girls free ranging - One big happy family..

That’s is for now.. ta ta..

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