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4 eggs in 3 days???

well.. last week end, after the post, managed to talk to hubby to get the new nesting box together for the girls.. it caused some problems as the nesting box is taller than the perch so it will not fit, we have to move the up about 30cm and the perch became too short for 8 girls.. than we need to find another perch and fit it in :nail: etc etc..

All the drama, still no eggs..

Thursday morning, as we are packing the car for our camping trip.. I witness Dottie doing her dance and lay an egg, but not at the new nesting box I have in there for them, but in the lemon grass bush… whole week after the last egg.. Good, she just laid her egg for this week, so I don’t have to worry about her laying eggs while we are gone.. so I thought..

Come home, 2 days later.. found 3 eggs under the lemon grass bush..

Something is not adding up.. Dottie start to lay everyday :hmmm: that is a good sign.. but.. that should only be 2 more eggs.. not 3, where did the 3rd come from.. I know it is impossible for a chook to lay 2 eggs in one day.. not even an egg machine can do it..

Than it occur to me.. maybe Wonda has decided to pull her weight and start to contribute.. :bounce: :bounce:

If that is true.. I now have 2 chooks laying.. .. :woot: :woot:

Maybe we should leave home more often..:rofl:


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The Sussex have been named

Hi Guys…

welcome the GREAT BALL OF FXXX… fluff 🙂

Great Ball of Fluff???

Ethan and Kevin decided to name the Sussex..

Let me introduce…. Cookie and Pink Lady

Cookie.. with the 1 Black tail feather..

Ethan named Cookie, he has the habit of stealing name from someone else’s pet.. Cookie being the name of my sister’s Foxy Terrier..  Sorry T..

Cookie is also the mean one.. I notice she peak on all the bird, including PinkLady… I think she is trying to get to the top of the peaking order..

PinkLady.. named by Kevin

Kevin want to name the Sussex PinkLady, compare them to AllBlack and Foghorn, you will notice that the Sussex is very pink in term of their comb, wattle and legs.. since Ethan want to name one of the Cookie, Kevin get to name this PinkLady..

PinkLady is nicer compare to Cookie, she will share with food with Foghorn and the others..

Even though PL get peck by Cookie, they still behave like conjoin twin.. it is very hard to get photo of one without the other.. they are so beautiful and fun to watch especially when they forage together..

I will post the 5 weeks update on Foghorn and the rest very soon… I promise..

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Chickies update… 4 weeks old

I know… it have been a while since the last update, the Black have finally been named.

I have received so many good name suggestion, it is so hard to choose, in the end K decided to name both Black himself because he is having trouble pronouncing Foghorn and Ranga 😉

So… introducing ALLBLACK 黑仔… (so creative… NOT)

AllBlack... black all over, obviously.. ha ha..

Next come CLOWNFACE   小丑

ClownFace... for the white patch on both side of her face.. look like a clown's permanent paint on smile

ClownFace like to follow AllBlack around, it is quiet hard to take a photo of him alone..

Just a couple of photo update on Foghorn and Ranga as well…

Ranga (left) and Foghorn (right)

Ranga is turning quiet a red head, as per name sake.. but Foghorn have better coloring all over.. can’t wait to see how they turn out..

ClownFace on the left with Foghorn at the right.. nice puffy chest 🙂

Ranga, she is fluffing out her chest.. notice the color are not as 'solid' as Foghorn

Looking at these pictures, it is hard to believe, it has only been 3 weeks and they were just a fluff ball.. baby chickies all grown up :sop: ..

Since last week, I have took the girls out of the ‘waste land’ with JouDan and Coffee… I think the crate is getting too small for them and JouDan and Coffee will not leave them alone when they are out of the crate.

I have set them up in the front yard with their own mini run..

Make shift run with tarp for protection from sun and rain

The crate are left open in the morning for them to ‘free range’ if you can call it that…

The crate will be close up at night with the tarp over it for protection from predators and element…

tuck in safely for the night...

They have been in this setup since last Saturday.. and seems very happy with what they have (anything is better that before).

By coming weekend, once K deal with JouDan and Coffee, I will give the coop a good clean and tidy up the ‘waste land’ ready for these chickies to move in before New Year…

By the way.. there might be a couple of new addition (pure breed) after the new year.. will keep you guys posted… very egg-cited 🙂

Ta ta for now…

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Goodbye JouDan and Coffee.. Boxing day chicken dinner

It has been a while.. I have not been updating my blog… Too busy posting and reading the Back Yard Poultry Forum… Anyone who is interested in keeping chicken should really check out the website.. 100% recommended.

Anyway.. as per the heading, JouDan and Coffee have been confirmed cockerels.. if I have posted the photos to the BYP forum earlier.. it will saved me lots of guess work on their gender.

These chicken I had are what know as ISA Brown. It is a sex linked commercial breed. Sex linked mean, you can tell the sex of the chicken just by looking at the color, girl will be brown and boy will be off white.. like mind :-(, the reason it is know as ISA brown, because being a commercial layer, people will only be interested in the brown bird, as the white bird will not lay egg.. don’t even want to think what they do to the male chick at the commercial situation.

Latest photo of JouDan and Coffee before we says goodbye…

JouDan and Coffee head shot..

The boys have turn out quiet beautiful.. very glossy feather...

Forgot to mention, for the last couple of evening, Coffee have been trying to ‘mount’ JouDan.. apparently, a hormonal raged teenage chook will try to ‘mount’ any chook available regardless of gender.. not picky are they :LOL:

Check out this thread from the BYP forum, it provide information on JouDan and Coffee’s gender and breed.. those people are very knowledgeable when it come to chicken.

This will be the final posting regarding JouDan and Coffee… the rest will be dedicate to the new chookies..

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Saying Goodbye to Coffee (maybe)

Coffee start to crow yesterday morning.. that was not too bad because it happened at past 6 am in the morning (not crack of dawn like the other 2)…

Yesterday was Wet n Wild day so K did not ‘deal’ with him immediately.. just before we leave for the water park with my sister.. I received a private message (PM) from a forum member about one of my post on Back Yard Poultry.. Someone is offering to swap my Coffee with 2 pullets of around same age.. I was so happy when I saw the PM and immediately reply asking for arrangement..  Coffee get to live, in a place where he will be appreciated being a cockerel..

The very nice lady replied with address information.. Wamuran, that is so far away.. almost 1 hour drive. K don’t really want to drive that far.. but he definitely don’t want to ‘deal’ with Coffee either.. 😦

The 2 pullets on offer are Light Sussex X.. Light Sussex is such beautiful girl. When I was considering pure breed.. it was one of the breed on my list, I know this will be a Cross and not pure.. but close enough for my Light Sussex fix :LOL: ..

Light Sussex Pullet

What should I do.. should I do the distance and do the swap..

BTW… Coffee did not crow this morning.. K went out in the crack of dawn, took him out of his roost and put in on the ground with a laundry basket over him..

He said, if Coffee is unable to stretch his neck.. he will not be able to do the crowing noise (is it animal abuse??).. look like it work.. for this morning anyway..

K is happy to deal with Coffee this way to stop him crowing and me keeping him longer.. (how sweet)… I still need to made the decision on the swap.. can someone help me out..

Just a couple more photos on Coffee at the ‘Waste Land’..

Coffee checking out his new home.. JouDan at the food station..

The green tarp will eventually get replace by some sort of fencing..

Happy couple checking out their surrounding..

JouDan get camera shy and hide behind her man..

JouDan and Coffee made such a nice couple.. it will be sad if we have to split them up..

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Babies.. 3 weeks today

My babies is turning 3 weeks today..

The amount of poo they produce really stink out the bathroom… I have made a decision to move them out.. but I can’t really leave them out there with JouDan and Coffee because the Big Chook will pick the babies to death..

We went to the market yesterday morning.. I am hoping to find some sort of bird cage or hatch that I can use to protect the babies while being out there with the Big Chooks…

You can’t imagine my joy when I saw this galvanize crate (for use at the back of the ute) for sale at the very entrance where we walk in.. Told K I must have it for my babies.. K being K.. will not let me commit.. made me walk all the market to made sure there is nothing cheaper or better..

Saw a pet carrier, one with plastic bottom and cage top.. a fairly large one that can house my 4 babies quiet comfortably.. look worn but only for $20.. Point that out to K again.. and he shake his head.. “This thing is not going to last” he said..

After about 40 mins.. we did not find anymore.. my daring K walk me back to the guy who sell the crate and let me buy it.. even-though it is more that double the cost of that pet carrier.. I am so happy..  I have also grab another bargain buy.. 3 x Large Feta Cheese bucket with seal lids for only $5 (good for keeping the chicken feed away from the possum).. very happy..

Back home.. I have 30 mins to prep and move my chicks before I am due to go out with my sister.. didn’t get a chance to take a photo than, but what I did is, turn one of the Feta bucket on the side for their shelter, line the base with newspaper and some straw.. use the lid from the bucket as a base for their food and drink.. I am so proud of the set up.. time to bring out the chicks..

This is the photo I took this morning of their new home.. they are set out in the ‘waste land’ with JouDan and Coffee. This crate come with a lid as well to protect them from the attack from above.

JouDan and Coffee don’t really seems interested in the babies as long as they stay in the crate and away from their food.. this morning when I open the lid, on of the babies (Ranga or Foghorn, not sure which as I can no longer tell them apart 😦 ) flew over the crate and invade the big Chooks space.. look like it is a big no no because Coffee basically  launch into attach mode and peak the poor baby in the neck and I have to intervene and save the baby from being peak to death…

That attack incident attract the attention from the big Chook, now they constantly walking around the crate looking at what the little one are doing..

The hole of the crate is large enough for the babies to stick their head out of the crate and eat the grass surrounding the crate.. The big Chooks will go around the peak at the little head they see pocking out.. I know the integration between the big Chooks and the babies will be hard, I just hope it will get easier and the babies should be able to defense themselves when they get bigger.. by that time, it will be 4 against 1 (side note: Coffee crow yesterday morning.. his life span is now limited).

Other photos of the babies when the ‘lid’ is open.. this is before the attack incident..

The babies love to roost

Check out ‘All Black’ (temp name, this is the one without the white patch next to the mouth) roosting on top of the crate.. the Big Chooks were busy scratching for food.. not giving the invader any attention..

More roosting chicks

These 2 babies checking out all the yummy green on the ‘other side’..

This little Chickies have a dead wish..

This little baby is getting ready to invade the other side.. I think she should check her size before attempting stunt like that again..

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Welcome.. Foghorn and Ranga

Thanks to the contribution from everyone out there.. on and off the blog… the Stripy and Browny now have names…

Let me introduce the girls..

Introducing Foghorn and Ranga

Th girl on the left – Ranga (suggested by P from work), she if a cheeky girl with the reddish brown back. Ranga is also one of the loudest girl in this group.. forever chirping non stop.. but it is all music to my ears.. P will get fresh eggs from Ranga when she start to lay (looking at 20 weeks in the future) for giving Ranga such a beautiful name..

Foghorn the active girl on the right (suggested by A from work), Foghorn love to spread her wing.. already attempt to fly.. she love to jump up to the tree branch  perch in the tub for them to roost. A will also get fresh eggs from Foghorn when she start to lay for giving Foghorn a truly deserving name..

Thanks everyone for their contribution.. there are some very creative name provided.. might recycle some of the name for the Blacks.. but to be fair.. the Blacks will get a chance to be name as well..
Stay tune..

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