Name the Blacks

Thanks to everyone out there… the brown now have beautiful name worthy for them.. Now it is Blacks turn to be name.

The 2 Black girls from Pet City are a cross between Red Island Rhode and Australorp.. they will grow up with beautiful black feather and some rust dusting around the chest area.

At the moment, the only way for me to tell them apart are one of them have white patch next to the beak..

This little black girl is very active but very camera shy.. due to the coloring, it is actually quiet hard to capture any of their distinctive feature on camera.. I hope this will change when they get bigger.. As you can see from the photo above, the which speck next to her black beak..

The other girl.. she is all black.

All Black

All black is very shy.. extremely active.. almost impossible to get a still photo of her.. this is the only way to get a still photo of her, sitting on A’s lap..

Ok people.. thanks to you Foghorn and Ranga have their name.. please please please.. the black need names too…


5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    yeeshin said,

    Devil’s food cake; Ebony; Chicken Pie

  2. 2

    stephanie said,

    daffy, stumpy, zorro

  3. 3

    jojochooks said,

    Other name suggestion have been sent to me via email..

    Shooty (as in chimney sweep)

    There are more being sent to work email.. can’t remember, will add them in soon..

  4. 4

    Pauline said,

    mother clucker
    pok pok

  5. 5

    jojochooks said,

    What do you guys think of Pepper..

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