Name the chooks…

On the weekend, I went to the Pet City and get myself another 4 chickens, 2 browns and 2 blacks.

These 4 babies are sexed pullets, according to Pet City the sexing are 99% accurate… I got my finger crossed.

Anywhere, long story short, I need name for them.

We are going to start with the 2 “Browns”.My Brown Chicks..

The brown are the cross between Rhode Island Red and Leghorn.

We have been calling one of them Stripy (due to the brown stripe at the back of her back)

Brown Chicks - yellow back with brown stripes..

The other one Browny (brown back).Brown chicks with brown back

Not very creative, I know.. that is why I am asking for your help…

I think they deserve a better name than that… Please help me out..


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  1. 1

    yeeshin said,

    Well, the one you currently call Stripey, I think you should call ‘Landing Strip’ – Looks like a Runway, don’t you think?

    The brown one you should call “Drumbstick”

  2. 3

    Bev said,

    The one on the left Angel as the wings stand out.

    The one on the right Honey

  3. 4

    Pauline said,

    Call the red one “Ranga”

    other one, ‘KFC” just kidding….Teriyaki (Terri for short)

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