Free range or not to free range

I would dearly love to free range my chicken… The problem I am having are..

They eat EVERYTHING… they ate all the herbs and seedlings.. nothing grow in the yard anymore..

My husband said they are marinating themselves inside out.. 🙂

There is plenty of overgrown grass and weeds.. but guess what, with all those yummy herbs and seedling around, who is interested in grass and weed..

Another problem is.. chicken poo chicken poo… EVERYWHERE… I can handle the poo if there are on the lawn only.. but there’s poo on the foot path, poo on the front porch.. and poo on the patio.. aaaaahhhhhhhhh 😦

Just can’t walk anywhere without stepping on one..

My other option is, keep them in their coop and control the “free range” by moving the coops around every couple of days so they get new patch of grass all the time, that way I also control where they poo..

Gave that option a go this morning, but that did not last for more than 2 hours..

I try keeping them in the coop this morning but they just looked too big for the coop and seems a bit squishy and miserable, so out they come.. AGAIN..

My last option.. I will need to talk my husband into that because it involve spending money.. 🙂

I am going to use a small plot at the back yard next to the cloth line.. It is so small you can’t really do anything there. Can’t grow anything there as it is overrun by weeds..


Future chicken run??

If I fence off both side (one side already fenced, but might be too low), move the coop here it will give those chicks plenty of space to “free range” without compromise the vegie patch and the chicken poo will be constrain in that area too..

Will keep up to date with how this option come along..





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