About JO JO Chooks…

Mother of 2 boys and 4 chickens..(now 6 new pullets)…

Ever since I got my chickens at October this year, I have been looking into various website trying to get as many information as I can on keeping chicken for eggs and as back yard pet..

Surprisingly, majority of the information I found are US based and some UK… hardly any forum or post base in Australia..

I am hoping, by doing this, I will  get as many people to contribute to this forum as possible (comment, advise and pictures).. to learn and to enjoy these amazing creature called chicken…

To start.. I got 4 chickens..

Breed.. I think they are all mixd

Sex.. at the moment, I think I may have 3 boys and 1 girl.. very sad it this is the case.. I am going to post some photo.. please let me know if you can..

Edit to add: Since the blog was created in October I have since found the  most wonderful OZ based poultry forum..

http://www.backyardpoultry.com.. Spending too much time in the forum and not enough time updating my blog.. sorry..


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    Kelvin said,

    Must say I’ve never quite read a blog about chickens lol. Its pretty interesting I must admit. Keep on posting and might I suggest posting a few chicken recipes or two 😀

  2. 2

    Hi there! We love your swingset chicken coop idea! Can we share this on our blog as well with a link back and thanks to you? We found this on the Owner Building Network site and would love to include it in our gardening ideas too!

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