Cookie is going broody…

Cookie the Sussex have been sitting in the nesting box for 5 days now.. for the first couple of days,  when I am at home I would constanly ‘throw’ her out, she would scratch around with others but before long I would find her back into the box :hmmm:

When I work, I would come home finding her sleeping in the nesting box on all the eggs laid that day (6 of them). She is still laying since she start showing the sign, I think she is determine to go all the way.. so I am going to let her be a mum instead..

This morning, I put 5 eggs (infertile but not edible – eggs laid right after worming) under her to ‘concrete’ her broodiness (she has now stop laying) because I will be getting some fertile eggs hopefully tomorrow :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:.

It is the funniest sight.. I put the eggs around her chest area and move her a little to remove the fake egg from under her.. she start to move her chest without moving :hmmm: just sort of wiggle her chest and the eggs disappear under her one by one.. once all eggs disappear under her… you can just see her sink down even further (if that is even possible) and make this very content ‘burk burk’ noise.. Yup… this is one broody chook..

So.. a broody chook and some fertile eggs on the way, I will need to provide her a separate area so she can set her eggs in peace…

Earlier today, me and Kevin was just outside getting the brooder ready for Cookie, she decided to come out of her nest to stretch her leg, I was a bit concern for a while because I though she might has change her mind already…

She went for a drink.. scratch around a bit.. and did the biggest pooh.. OMG, it is the size of her egg.. at first I thought she just laid an egg right in front of me, but no… this egg ‘STINK’ and it is not the shape or colour of her eggs.. I think I just experience my first broody pooh..

She hang around the yard a bit longer than she went into the coop for some feed.. next thing I know, she disappear.. back into the nest and continue sitting her eggs.. all up, I think she was out no more than 15 mins.  She is showing all the good sign of being a good broody.. I just managed to clean up the brooder just before the sun go down, it is still wet from the wash down so I am going to move her tomorrow night instead :thumbs:.

Before the move tomorrow night, I will need to dust her and the new brooder with Pestine (flea powder) before I move her.. I just hope she will stay broody after the move. From my research, I should not give her the fertile eggs for a couple of nights yet.. I need to made sure she will settle into her new environment and still happy to sit tight after 2 nights, if all go according to plan, I am going to put the fertile eggs under her on the 3rd night..

I am getting about 10 fertile eggs from a very generous BYPe forum member, it will be from a mixed batch back yard layers so will be a bit like a lottery.. I will only know what I get until they hatch.. I so wish they will hatch.. I think I am more excited than my boys.. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

So.. regarding the brooder… we have a few of the Bunning garden tidy laying around so we proceed to build a min A-frame for Cookie as her brooder.. half way through the project, Kevin decided that the A-frame are more suitable for his quails and Cookie can have the spare chook pen (currently housing the quails) as her brooder, who am I to argue :wink:
Now just a couple of pictures…

Cookie the broody, hogging the nest box..

The mini A-frame… was going to be Cookie’s brooder… but… it end up become the quails new home instead..

Cookie’s clean brooder.. sitting along side the main chook pen so she will still be amongst friends..

oh.. I have also fenced in the chook area so I have more space to dedicate to my plants.. until next time.. happy brooding..


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    Yeeshin said,

    Sissy honey! I think you need a bigger yard!!

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