4 eggs in 3 days???

well.. last week end, after the post, managed to talk to hubby to get the new nesting box together for the girls.. it caused some problems as the nesting box is taller than the perch so it will not fit, we have to move the up about 30cm and the perch became too short for 8 girls.. than we need to find another perch and fit it in :nail: etc etc..

All the drama, still no eggs..

Thursday morning, as we are packing the car for our camping trip.. I witness Dottie doing her dance and lay an egg, but not at the new nesting box I have in there for them, but in the lemon grass bush… whole week after the last egg.. Good, she just laid her egg for this week, so I don’t have to worry about her laying eggs while we are gone.. so I thought..

Come home, 2 days later.. found 3 eggs under the lemon grass bush..

Something is not adding up.. Dottie start to lay everyday :hmmm: that is a good sign.. but.. that should only be 2 more eggs.. not 3, where did the 3rd come from.. I know it is impossible for a chook to lay 2 eggs in one day.. not even an egg machine can do it..

Than it occur to me.. maybe Wonda has decided to pull her weight and start to contribute.. :bounce: :bounce:

If that is true.. I now have 2 chooks laying.. .. :woot: :woot:

Maybe we should leave home more often..:rofl:


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