The Poultry Auction

Sorry people.. I am so slack… I think it was almost months since my last update…

The following things have happen since than… Lots..

– I went to a poultry auction.. YUP.. they have auction just for chooks and ducks.. very interesting

– I got new chooks.. going for bantam this time.. it is mini chooks.. very cute..

– I ‘renovate’ the old chook house for the new girls quarantine suite

– lots of drama here.. quarantine, and trying to integrate them together..

– We picked up an unwanted rooster from someone.. and he became dinner 2 days later..

– We picked up some cheap chair frame from Ikea (only 5 bucks) and build a mobile roosting perch for my girls

– I covert JouDan’s old sleeping box for the 2 new girls to sleep….

As I am still being slacks 😦 I will cover the Auction only on this post… the rest to follow..

I went to a poultry auction.. YUP.. they have auction just for chooks and ducks.. very interesting

On the last day of Feb, Beaudesert poultry club run a poultry auction.. It seems like anyone who want to sell their birds can be in the auction.. it does not have to be ‘Show’ quality and it does not have to be pure bred..

It is a situation when Supply and Demand come in.. you provide the supplies and the demand set the price… There was a Speckle Sussex Trio (show quality for breeding purpose) went for $320.. yup.. that is for 3 birds only, 1 rooster and 2 hen..  that is how much people are willing pay for a good ‘root’ stock..

There are also ‘back yard’ mixed chook going for a few dollars as well.. the price different is amazing..

I have been wanting a couple of Bantam chooks for a while now, and I was having trouble finding breeder who have ‘stock’ to sell… I was having high hope in getting a couple of laying pullet at the auction..

When the catalogue for the auction became available a couple of weeks before the event.. I was very disappointed.. they don’t have what I want.. they are a couple of bantam breed I was interested in.. mainly Silver Laced Wyandotte and Blue Plymouth Rock.. but only SLW bantam available, but it all come in pair – it is a term used for 1 x cockerel and 1 x pullet.  I am in a suburban back yard, therefore.. no cockerel / rooster allow.. there’s also single pullet available, but I want them in pair (my pair mean – 2 pullet :-))…

I made that general comment on the BYP forum where the catalogue was released.. About not having what I want available.. I was contacted by 2 breeder offering me their birds.. at a pre-agreed price and pick up at the auction (as she travel from NSW)..

You cannot imagine my excitement.. 2 weeks leading into the auction, I keep emailing the breeder with lots of questions.. I am surprise she will still sell it to me after that.. but I came home with 2 girls 🙂 from the Auction..

Back to the Auction.. we arrived early that morning around 8:30.. that is when the birds are caged for inspection.. the inspecting hall was packed with people.. and the variety of birds are amazing.. I came face to face with breed that I have only read about.. the boys was having a lot of fun but M3 get scared by a huge rooster who was crowing his head off..

There was also a ‘rare breed’ stand outside the inspection hall.. the guy was displaying Transylvanian Naked Neck.. the most interesting looking chicken..

After the inspection.. I went to register for a bidding card (who knows.. :-))

My boys and me hang around abit until the auction start at 10:30 in the morning..

I run into a couple of the BYP members.. it was fun to catch up face to face instead of over a computer screen.. learn a lot from them too.. it seems the Trio that go for $320 was from a very well know breeder and her stock is highly regarded, hence the price.

I met up with my SLW breeder in the car park, she show be the birds and I am instantly in love with them.. they are so beautiful… The breeder has just worm the girls and she even supply some wormer for me to do the follow up dose.. so thoughtful..

Meet Wonda and Dottie any new Silver Laced Wyandotte..

Dottie and Wonda in their Quarantine Suite

Over all, it was a very good day out, I did not stay until the end of the auction as my boys are getting restless towards lunch time so I pack them in the car and went home at around noon.. I think want to rush home and settle my new girls in their quarantine suite as well..

The only regret.. I don’t have time to take any photo… Even though I have my camera with me, but I have my hand full with my 2 boys so it was a bit of mission impossible.

That’s it for the segment on Auction.. hopefully it will not be too long before I update with the rest.. ta ta for now..


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  1. 1

    Lotte said,

    They are gorgeous! I love Wyandottes.

  2. 2

    Florence said,

    I haven’t been to a poultry auction yet.. every time I remember to check there aren’t any close enough ~

    I went to the poultry show room at the EKKA last year though ~ saw heps of different breeds, but didn’t have enough time to walk through every aisle and was feeling a bit sorry for the ducks who spilt their water but no one replaces them.. we told some staff about it, hope they got their fresh water quickly ~ Saw a lovely furball family of bantam white Wyandottes there too 🙂

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