It has been a while

Wow.. did not realise how time fly… It has been more than 2 weeks since last update.. The girls will be 8 and 12 weeks tomorrow..

-Lots have happen since the last post.. 2 of my girls got sick, they suffer from Coccidiosis on new years day as well.. what a way to start a year..

-JouDan is no longer with us… I use him as a demo to show some online ‘friend’ how to made Chinese herbal chicken soup..

-I have also got some duck eggs from another online ‘friend’, I salted a dozen of them and use another 8 to try my hand on making century eggs (will find out how it turn out in 100 days)

-The girls are also getting too big for their coop so it has been decided to build them a new ‘house’ using the boys old swing set.. just finished today..

Sick Chooks..

On new year day..  first thing in the morning.. I went out to let the girls out to the coop into their little run area.. I will also sit in the run with them just to observe.. they are fascinating, I can watch them for hours… One of the thing I notice in that morning is one bright orange pooh being created by PinkLady.. right out of her bum hole.. I am not going to post any gross photos here but if you really want to know, you can check out my thread regarding this issue on the BYP Forum

Good Bye JouDan

On the 10th of Jan.. K finally decided to do the deed and cull JouDan.. so for the last time.. thank you JouDan.. we love you and will missed you…

Just before ‘the day’, I open the gate to the girls run.. One reason is to let the girls have more access to the yard… they are getting too cramp in that little space.. it is quiet funny to see JouDan try to squize himself back to the run and into the coop.. that coop will definitely be too small for  the girls when they get older.. Second reason is to let JouDan closer to the girl.. to made him happy just before he have to ‘go’..

JouDan checking out the girls

Duck Eggs

Not going into details here as it is quiet long winded.. so if you are interested.. full details in my thread on BYP forum

New Chook Run

Again.. Check out my thread on BYP Forum..

AND finally

I know I have been very slack.. I am exhausted from building 2 days straight.. I like to post on the BYP Forum because you get instant help and advise from the very helpful member there.. and it build up gradually.  I think I will try to put in some photo update on tomorrow.. gee the girls are getting big..


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