Photo Update 5 Weeks and 9 Week

As promised.. 5 weeks photo update of the girls.. also, PinkLady and Cookie’s age cannot be confirm, I was told they are around 8 to 10 weeks.. so I am going for 9 weeks 🙂

Cookie and PinkLady.. 9 weeks (guess work)

Two Fat Ladies.. that’s what these 2 girls remind me of, I think they are not really ‘fat’ just lots of fluffy feather.. but the amount they eat.. won’t be surprise if they become real ‘fat ladies’

The gingers and the blacks at 5 weeks… admittedly, it is not so easy to get photos of these girls.. they are just getting so active and I just can’t get a still photos of them. The only time they are still is when they are eating or drinking, but than you can’t really capture their ‘face’ when that happen.. just have to put up with blurry and odd photos for the time being..

Another thing, they also like to come running to me every time I walk into the run.. which made photo abit hard to take as well when they are all over your feets and behind your legs ‘sigh’.. I will get there somehow and hopefully get better photos in the future.

Foghorn at 5 weeks.. she is getting that red showing through her shoulder.. like a free spirited gypsy with a ginger poncho..

Run Foghorn.. run

Silly girl squeezing thought the mesh trying to get fresh grass from the other side of the fence.. ‘the grass is greener on the other side’.. very fitting..

Foghorn getting fresh green..

Ranga at 5 weeks.. really getting the ‘red’ coming through her head feather.. very interested in how she turn out..

Ranga drinking from the new nipple waterer..

I got them the new nipple waterer a couple of days ago, just managed to get it fitted and give it to the girls today.. smart girl learn to drink from it straight away.

AllBlack enjoy fresh water from the new nipple waterer

AllBlack, she is the first girl working out the new drinker system.. as soon as she start drinking from the new waterer, the rest of the girls come rushing..

The last couple of days have been hard for these lots.. the ‘Two fat ladies’ have not been very nice to them.. they will do random attach (peaking at the neck feather) and would not let them eat or drink. Luckily these 4 girls are very agile and can run away very quickly when the attach come.

It is something they will need to go through while establishing the new pecking order within the flock, I just hope it is not going to go on for long and also made sure there is more than one source or food and drink…

ClownFace is making sure the ‘Two fat ladies’ do not attach Ranga while she enjoy her fresh green from the ‘other side’ so cute..

ClownFace standing guard while Ranga enjoy a treat from the other side

Now, let not forget JouDan.. yes, he is still with us, but not for long.. I think tomorrow will be ‘the day’ for him..

He has been a bit mean to me lately.. constantly chasing after me and attacking my feet.. don’t know what’s the go because he only doing that to me.. I was a bit concern at first, that he might hurt or scare Andrew with his attack, but after a few days of observation, I think I am his only target.. oh well :-(, sad for me but good for the boys..

He is also abit lonely since Coffee gone.. I did not let him in the run with the girls simply because he is just too big for them, I don’t want any casualty within the flock so he get the whole yard while the girls get the chicken run.. He has no idea how lucky he is..

But I don’t think he appreciate the freedom and really want to be ‘lock in’ with the girls, especially the ‘two fat ladies’…

JouDan trying to get as close to the Sussex as he can..

The ‘two fat ladies’ favorite shade spot is under the ramp.. as you can see, JouDan will sit himself just the other side of the coop just to be as close to them as possible.. it is so cute, I think he is in love…

Just wait for me... let me find a loop hole around this thing...

No kidding, that is what he does most of the time.. circling the run over and over again, I think he is trying to find a way in..

Maybe I will let him spend a few minutes with the girls (under my supervision of course) just before ‘the time’ tomorrow..

Anyway.. so long from me for now… back soon..


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    Vlanci said,

    Do u take pre-orders?

    • 2

      jojochooks said,

      ha ha.. Vlanci.. only one boy left.. and he is marked for the New Year, which is tomorrow.. all other babies are for eggs only.. I you can wait around 12 to 18 weeks for the eggs, I will take your order now..

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