The Sussex have been named

Hi Guys…

welcome the GREAT BALL OF FXXX… fluff 🙂

Great Ball of Fluff???

Ethan and Kevin decided to name the Sussex..

Let me introduce…. Cookie and Pink Lady

Cookie.. with the 1 Black tail feather..

Ethan named Cookie, he has the habit of stealing name from someone else’s pet.. Cookie being the name of my sister’s Foxy Terrier..  Sorry T..

Cookie is also the mean one.. I notice she peak on all the bird, including PinkLady… I think she is trying to get to the top of the peaking order..

PinkLady.. named by Kevin

Kevin want to name the Sussex PinkLady, compare them to AllBlack and Foghorn, you will notice that the Sussex is very pink in term of their comb, wattle and legs.. since Ethan want to name one of the Cookie, Kevin get to name this PinkLady..

PinkLady is nicer compare to Cookie, she will share with food with Foghorn and the others..

Even though PL get peck by Cookie, they still behave like conjoin twin.. it is very hard to get photo of one without the other.. they are so beautiful and fun to watch especially when they forage together..

I will post the 5 weeks update on Foghorn and the rest very soon… I promise..


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