Goodbye JouDan and Coffee.. Boxing day chicken dinner

It has been a while.. I have not been updating my blog… Too busy posting and reading the Back Yard Poultry Forum… Anyone who is interested in keeping chicken should really check out the website.. 100% recommended.

Anyway.. as per the heading, JouDan and Coffee have been confirmed cockerels.. if I have posted the photos to the BYP forum earlier.. it will saved me lots of guess work on their gender.

These chicken I had are what know as ISA Brown. It is a sex linked commercial breed. Sex linked mean, you can tell the sex of the chicken just by looking at the color, girl will be brown and boy will be off white.. like mind :-(, the reason it is know as ISA brown, because being a commercial layer, people will only be interested in the brown bird, as the white bird will not lay egg.. don’t even want to think what they do to the male chick at the commercial situation.

Latest photo of JouDan and Coffee before we says goodbye…

JouDan and Coffee head shot..

The boys have turn out quiet beautiful.. very glossy feather...

Forgot to mention, for the last couple of evening, Coffee have been trying to ‘mount’ JouDan.. apparently, a hormonal raged teenage chook will try to ‘mount’ any chook available regardless of gender.. not picky are they :LOL:

Check out this thread from the BYP forum, it provide information on JouDan and Coffee’s gender and breed.. those people are very knowledgeable when it come to chicken.

This will be the final posting regarding JouDan and Coffee… the rest will be dedicate to the new chookies..


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