Chickies update… 4 weeks old

I know… it have been a while since the last update, the Black have finally been named.

I have received so many good name suggestion, it is so hard to choose, in the end K decided to name both Black himself because he is having trouble pronouncing Foghorn and Ranga 😉

So… introducing ALLBLACK 黑仔… (so creative… NOT)

AllBlack... black all over, obviously.. ha ha..

Next come CLOWNFACE   小丑

ClownFace... for the white patch on both side of her face.. look like a clown's permanent paint on smile

ClownFace like to follow AllBlack around, it is quiet hard to take a photo of him alone..

Just a couple of photo update on Foghorn and Ranga as well…

Ranga (left) and Foghorn (right)

Ranga is turning quiet a red head, as per name sake.. but Foghorn have better coloring all over.. can’t wait to see how they turn out..

ClownFace on the left with Foghorn at the right.. nice puffy chest 🙂

Ranga, she is fluffing out her chest.. notice the color are not as 'solid' as Foghorn

Looking at these pictures, it is hard to believe, it has only been 3 weeks and they were just a fluff ball.. baby chickies all grown up :sop: ..

Since last week, I have took the girls out of the ‘waste land’ with JouDan and Coffee… I think the crate is getting too small for them and JouDan and Coffee will not leave them alone when they are out of the crate.

I have set them up in the front yard with their own mini run..

Make shift run with tarp for protection from sun and rain

The crate are left open in the morning for them to ‘free range’ if you can call it that…

The crate will be close up at night with the tarp over it for protection from predators and element…

tuck in safely for the night...

They have been in this setup since last Saturday.. and seems very happy with what they have (anything is better that before).

By coming weekend, once K deal with JouDan and Coffee, I will give the coop a good clean and tidy up the ‘waste land’ ready for these chickies to move in before New Year…

By the way.. there might be a couple of new addition (pure breed) after the new year.. will keep you guys posted… very egg-cited 🙂

Ta ta for now…


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