Saying Goodbye to Coffee (maybe)

Coffee start to crow yesterday morning.. that was not too bad because it happened at past 6 am in the morning (not crack of dawn like the other 2)…

Yesterday was Wet n Wild day so K did not ‘deal’ with him immediately.. just before we leave for the water park with my sister.. I received a private message (PM) from a forum member about one of my post on Back Yard Poultry.. Someone is offering to swap my Coffee with 2 pullets of around same age.. I was so happy when I saw the PM and immediately reply asking for arrangement..  Coffee get to live, in a place where he will be appreciated being a cockerel..

The very nice lady replied with address information.. Wamuran, that is so far away.. almost 1 hour drive. K don’t really want to drive that far.. but he definitely don’t want to ‘deal’ with Coffee either.. 😦

The 2 pullets on offer are Light Sussex X.. Light Sussex is such beautiful girl. When I was considering pure breed.. it was one of the breed on my list, I know this will be a Cross and not pure.. but close enough for my Light Sussex fix :LOL: ..

Light Sussex Pullet

What should I do.. should I do the distance and do the swap..

BTW… Coffee did not crow this morning.. K went out in the crack of dawn, took him out of his roost and put in on the ground with a laundry basket over him..

He said, if Coffee is unable to stretch his neck.. he will not be able to do the crowing noise (is it animal abuse??).. look like it work.. for this morning anyway..

K is happy to deal with Coffee this way to stop him crowing and me keeping him longer.. (how sweet)… I still need to made the decision on the swap.. can someone help me out..

Just a couple more photos on Coffee at the ‘Waste Land’..

Coffee checking out his new home.. JouDan at the food station..

The green tarp will eventually get replace by some sort of fencing..

Happy couple checking out their surrounding..

JouDan get camera shy and hide behind her man..

JouDan and Coffee made such a nice couple.. it will be sad if we have to split them up..


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