Updated photos of the new chickies…

I just want to do some photo update on the new babies.. they are growing up very quickly.. and a bit of a ugly “chickie” at the moment..

Side note: The blacks are yet to be name.. some very good suggestion, should made a decision soon..

The Blacks (yet to be name) and Foghorn

The chickens are loosing a lot of the down and you can start to see lots of feather coming through especially at the back of their neck, between the feathers, the tail feather is also starting to come out… but all these feathers are not pretty and quiet messy at the moment..

Foghorn’s color star to change.. the growth of the wing feather is covering her stripe.. but she got cute rust color patches showing on her chest, she is the one on the roost..

Ranga is starting to loose the rich rust color on her back, instead, she is starting to get darker stripe showing up on her back.. it is starting to get very hard to tell them apart.. luckily Ranga don’t have the rust patch on her chest..

These girls starting to eat and poo alot… my bathroom is starting to smell.. looking at option to put them out during the day and bring them back in for bed.  It was easy for the other chickens because we bought a coop for them and they are safe in the coop during the day.. but I am not buying another coop for these lots.. the plan is for them to live together eventually but not right now.

Can’t put them in with Coffee and JouDan at the moment because they are still too young and the big “girls” will pick on them.. Suggestion anyone??


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