2 down, and 2 to go.. will there be a Pullet?

This morning.. crack of dawn.. Cookoodoo… NO…. not again.. too soon…

At the very first crow see K jump out of bed, heading to the coop to find out which “cockerel” was declaring himself.. he was out there for a few moment and catch YingYang in the act, cookoodoo.. the second crow for the morning.

Soon after the second crow, K return to bed.. “I will deal with it today”.

Later in the morning.. I go out to feed the chickens and clean the coop… I notice YingYang have black marking on his back which was not there previously.. it made me wonder, as I didn’t realise chicken feather can change color without going through molting and have new lots of feather..

K came out to help me move the coop to a new location, I point out the new marking on YingYang’s back and made a general comment as the marking was not there yesterday..

K confessed in marking YingYang with a Marker pen in the morning when he went out to investigate the crow.. he says it is the only way he know which chicken to “deal with” later that afternoon..

The cockerels are only 10 weeks old and they have start to crow.. my understanding are, they don’t crow until around 14 weeks, I thought Milk tea was an exception and now, few days after Milk tea… YingYang decided to do the same..

I am very concern with the other 2 I have left.. Coffee and JouDan. I am 90% sure that JouDan is a pullet, but Coffee, not so sure.. 60% certainty to be a cockerel… I really wish I am wrong.. I am not ready to loose another chicken to the dinner table. Please please please and let me be wrong and let Coffee be a pullet…

RIP YingYang...

YingYang.. RIP, MilkTea will look after you from now on… thank you for your contribution to the dinner table. You taught Ethan a valuable lesson in life cycle.. and you will be missed by everyone..


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    yeeshin said,

    aww…poor chickens…

    When you gonna buy some more?

    My boss gave me 2 carton of eggs on Friday, she has 17 chickens!

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