Welcome.. Foghorn and Ranga

Thanks to the contribution from everyone out there.. on and off the blog… the Stripy and Browny now have names…

Let me introduce the girls..

Introducing Foghorn and Ranga

Th girl on the left – Ranga (suggested by P from work), she if a cheeky girl with the reddish brown back. Ranga is also one of the loudest girl in this group.. forever chirping non stop.. but it is all music to my ears.. P will get fresh eggs from Ranga when she start to lay (looking at 20 weeks in the future) for giving Ranga such a beautiful name..

Foghorn the active girl on the right (suggested by A from work), Foghorn love to spread her wing.. already attempt to fly.. she love to jump up to the tree branch  perch in the tub for them to roost. A will also get fresh eggs from Foghorn when she start to lay for giving Foghorn a truly deserving name..

Thanks everyone for their contribution.. there are some very creative name provided.. might recycle some of the name for the Blacks.. but to be fair.. the Blacks will get a chance to be name as well..
Stay tune..


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