Sunshine after the rain..

Funny thing is, I came home today to find my chickens playing in the rain.. for some reason I thought chickens don’t like water… obviously I was wrong..

Maybe, after the stinker hot whether, anyone is happy to cool down in the rain..Coffee showing off his beautiful brown coloring on his feather..

The "boys" grooming themselves and drying off after the rain

The “boys” love the tree stumps.. climb over each other just so them can roost on it..

Here I have my “boys” showing off their feather after the rain..

Have a look at Coffee.. stretching his wing out for all to see.. He is the first chicken to get a name and the only one my children and my husband can tell apart..

Andrew (my 3 yrs old) would sometime run after Coffee and says:”Here chicken chicken.. have some coffee.” Crack me up all the time.

I truly hope Coffee turn up to be a pullet rather than a cockerel, as I really don’t want to get rid of “him” he is so beautiful…


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