Goodbye Milk tea

Monday 30th November 2009

Crack of dawn this morning… Cookoodoo… I start to count the crow and cross my finger that it will stop.

One, two… ten. I stop counting but the crowing did not stop for another minute šŸ˜¦

My neighbors are going to complain, I am going to get in trouble with the council as it is not allow to keep rooster in the backyard… What choice do I have?

Just before I leave for work, I said good bye to Milk tea, give him one last handful of crack corn, and leave him in Kevin’s capable hand.

At about 1:30 this afternoon, Kevin called to said: “the deed is done and we are having steam chicken for dinner”.

Side note: when the chooks first came home, we have an agreement, they are not pets. Rooster for meat and hen for eggs.

I ask Kevin how, as he has never seen any chicken butchered before let alone actually doing the deeds himself.

It looked like Milk tea’s continuos crowing this morning has sign his own death warrant.. Kevin got up at the 2nd crow and log on to google to get the instruction on the ‘how’.

Goodbye Milk tea. You are gone but not forgotten. We thank you for your contribution and we will miss you.


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  1. 1

    yeeshin said,

    YouTube is great isn’t it? That’s where I went to learn how to decorate a cake. Poor cooks šŸ˜¦

  2. 3

    Emma said,

    How did the kids reacted?

  3. 5

    Llama King said,

    Where’s my share? I’m hungry!! I only had 4 glasses of beer, 3 yergamite bombs(not sure how u spell it), n another Bailey/butterscotch shot. No meal in case milktea gets unhumanly beheaded!! But no. No call frm Chung’s!! *hic* *sob*

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