Boy or Girl???

I am trying to determine the sex of my chickens… any help out there from the people “in the know” will be very much appreciated..

Group photo at 10 weeks

The one closest to the screen is Jou Dan, with my limited knowledge in keeping chicken I am guessing Jou Dan is a SHE..

Pullet meant to be smaller in body size compare to cockerel, but all my little one are about the same size.. The only different (size wise) I can spot is, Jou Dan have more slender toes compare to other 3..

The main characteristic I use to determine Jou Dan’s sex is the color and size of the Comb and Wattle.

According to research, pullet’s comb and wattle will remain smaller and lighter in color (yellowish) compare to cockerel.

招蛋 Jou Dan's comb and wattle are pink and yellowish compare to the rest of the chickens

Have a look at  Jou Dan’s comb and Wattle at the close up.. it is more pink with slight yellowish edging.

The differences with the comb and wattle can actually be quiet obvious in the group photo on the top.. notice how Milk tea’s (right of Jou Dan) comb and wattle are larger in size compare to Jou Dan.

For the purpose of comparing, check out Milk Tea’s comb and wattle, not to mention his earlobe, it is darker in color and larger in size (can’t really tell the size in this comparison, due to the angle of the camera).

Now.. I am just waiting for some expert to tell me that I am wrong and all my babies are pullets and there is no cockerels in this lot..

Compare the the Comb and Wattle with the "Boy" it is larger and a deeper red.

I am still allow to dream and wish until I hear the 1st “crow”… 🙂


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